Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


For this weeks challenge, Layers, I have one word: WINE.

Here are my current choices perfect for the coming holidays:
Domaine Serene
Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir 2008
Grgich Hills Estate
Grgich Hills Chardonnay 2009



Just Another Day in Beverly Hills

Breakfast at the Balcony
After a long night, I needed to unwind today by starting with Corned Beef Hash at the balcony.
Caesar Salad and Mini Burgers
My “Me” day gets inturrupted with a quick meeting, luckily over lunch and Pinot Grigio.
A Montage Welcome
After a stroll, Montage BH welcomes us with bacon, cheese, pecans and wine in our room. And then off to the spa for a massage and facial combo.
Madeo Starters
Finally, the day ends at Madeo Restaurant in nearby West Hollywood. Get the Burrata and the prosciutto with honeydew. Skip the veal as it was a bit dry, but the homemade pasta special for the night was excellent. Finish the meal with a fruit tart and port. Be discreet with this no-photo policy restaurant when taking pictures, even of your food, as they try to “protect” the privacy of their celebrity guests.

Ahh..what a day as I hear Weezer’s music on the radio. “Beverly Hills”….

Please don’t wake my up!

Skip to Dessert and let the Fat Cats Sing

It was one of those after work nights. We were set with what to prepare for dinner, and we did as we opened up a bottle of Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot French blend ($5.99) worth 3 cheers. Roast chicken and potatoes and mezzaluna with basil pesto filling with tomato and basil sauce.
wine and roast
Until I saw what we were having for dessert. Vanilla Ice Cake. And we started to sing….
vanilla cake

Arabian Nightout

The horse stops in front of the cave. “Abracadabra!” The cave opens and my eyes focus on the marble table, and I see food.
The wine was flowing and the Tusk Fustis Tempranillo was worth 4 cheers.
rice and lavash
Polo (rice) and lavash bread that could feed the whole province.
Vegetable, ground chicken and cornish hen kebabs fresh off the grill. The charred pieces melts in my mouth.
And finally, a present from a Western prince, chocolate cupcake, fresh cream and strawberries.

“Stories are not like the real world; they aren’t held back by what we know is false or true. What’s important is how a story makes you feel inside.”
― Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights

Pasta, Chow Mein and Bradley

Today was a noodle kind of day. Brunch was Pasta Papa from Hugo’s, a West Hollywood staple where you might find yourself eating right next to Rachel Zoe wearing a zebra printed dress or Steven Spielberg on the phone while eating his favorite meal. Pasta Papa comes with bacon, turkey sausage, scallions and eggs.
After truly enjoying Bradley Cooper’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook, I was greeted by deep fried noodles at home.
Perfect with our wine for the night, Abancay ($6.99), 3.5 cheers.
Crianza 2009

Organic Wines Goes Home

I remember the time when organic meant tasteless, cardboard-like and unappetizing, to name a few. Those were the days, as now we even have good organic wines. Tonight, we tried Armento ($4.99) from our nearby TJ’s which we both rated 3 cheers. Dry, not sweet and just right with both deep fried sole, sauteed snowpea leaves and my freshly baked banana cake.
snow peas and sole

What goes with wine, fish and cake? Fresh cut flowers for the home of course. I bought a bunch of these at the LA Flower Mart yesterday but forgot to ask what they’re called. Anyone recognize these?

Red Rice and Pork Belly Basil

At least we were trying to eat healthy with red rice which comes good with deep fried pork belly, bell peppers, onions, leeks and basil. We have been dining mostly with a bottle of wine, beer or something else so might as well blog our rating as well, of 1 to 5 cheers, with 5 as the highest to our personal tastes. Paired with Green Fin ($3.99): 2 cheers.
Green Fin
Red Rice
While listening to Cro, a cool German rapper. I sense heartburn for me later, but hope you enjoy it! Cheers, cheers!!