Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

The Sea

Infinite sea of _________________________.

There are photographs that make me think, laugh, angry, hurt, sad, etc. This one for me is “hope”. What’s yours?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Sea

Thank you for making “the sea” this weeks challenge. I live so close that I take it for granted. Thinking more about the traffic, parking, the public crowd and the trash; instead of the calm, the sound and the simple joy the sea brings. But this weekend, I forced us to go for the assignment, and as soon as I sat in the sand, not caring about much else, I remembered how I love it so.

And the pictures I took, especially this shot, will remind me what I’ll miss next time I worry to much about going to the sea.

Postcard Series: Ahoy There!

One of the best things we did in Vancouver on a beautiful day. Oh well, today would be perfect, but I can’t, but the animated film below helped lift up my spirits… #cough Hope you enjoy it too. Sail away!

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.