Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

The Sea

Infinite sea of _________________________.

There are photographs that make me think, laugh, angry, hurt, sad, etc. This one for me is “hope”. What’s yours?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Sea

Thank you for making “the sea” this weeks challenge. I live so close that I take it for granted. Thinking more about the traffic, parking, the public crowd and the trash; instead of the calm, the sound and the simple joy the sea brings. But this weekend, I forced us to go for the assignment, and as soon as I sat in the sand, not caring about much else, I remembered how I love it so.

And the pictures I took, especially this shot, will remind me what I’ll miss next time I worry to much about going to the sea.

Postcard Series: Ahoy There!

One of the best things we did in Vancouver on a beautiful day. Oh well, today would be perfect, but I can’t, but the animated film below helped lift up my spirits… #cough Hope you enjoy it too. Sail away!

Little Boat from nelson boles on Vimeo.

She Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

Imagine a small island somewhere between Madagascar and Kenya. No Redbox, no 7-11’s, no pizzahut or KFC and a long boat trip to the mainland.
ahoy there
The daily catch of our fishermen are immediately traded offshore, leaving not much at our kitchen table. The sun sets so quickly, I rush by the seashore to get clams, dash uphill to grab a bunch of edible greens and flowers, dig up ginger root and sweet potatoes, and start cooking dinner. On our doorstep is a fresh fish collarbone most likely from our neighbors leftover from his catch of the day. He knows we love this almost unwanted cut of the fish, close to the head, most markets throw them away for scraps. It is juicy, meaty and tastes like the ocean. I add coal to the grill and start boiling the sweet potatoes.
Clams, ginger root, shallots, pepper and salt. Cooks in less than 10 minutes.
Steam vegetable grees and drizzle with a little homemade soy dressing.
Season collarbone with pepper and other spices. Grill for 10 minutes or so. Mash sweet potatoes, dip in flour and egg mixture, deep fry in coconut oil.
Now where did this bottle come from? Must be washed ashore as it only deserves 2 cheers. But we finish it like it’s our last night here in this beautiful island called Seychelless.
To the beach!