Postcard Series: Palm Springs Weekend

Palm Springs has a lot to offer besides the desert, the cool hotels like the Riviera Resort & Spa or the Ace Hotel, movie star homes and art. That’s why in spite of the almost unbearable summer heat, I keep coming back.

Hope you enjoyed my first Postcard Series featuring Palm Springs. To close, here’s Troy Donahue singing “Live Young” in the 1963 movie, “Palm Springs Weekend“.


Postcard Series: My Heart Belongs to Palm Springs

The Public Art in Palm Springs map lists 60, mostly large scale sculptures, scattered all over the city. There are more contemporary pieces not listed that I was able to photograph, and are worth checking out as well.

Unfortunately, I missed J.Seward Johnson‘s “Forever Marilyn”, who frequented Palm Springs during her short life. So instead, here’s a musical scene from the movie “Let’s Make Love”, starring Marilyn Monroe singing “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”.

My Heart Belongs To Daddy – Marilyn Monroe from Things from my things on Vimeo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


Some may see this photograph as a wall, an obstacle, the end. I see it as a window, an opportunity, a beginning. To my mother she’ll say, “the sky’s the limit”. It’s her birthday today, so mum, happy birthday! I love you…mwah!

Garden Series: A Final Salute

A cool music video to end this series, simply using flowers in the artist’s bedroom, a camera, soundtract and time. Thanks for viewing and I greatly appreciate your comments.

PS> I have requested experts to help me identify the plants featured in this series, and will update them soon for your reference. Thanks Sam, CJ and Ren. Cheers!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

One of my favorite forms of escape.  Homemade pizza in Tuscany (or any peaceful backyard) with freshly picked tomatoes and basil, while listening to the first best summer tune of the year, Empire of The Sun: Alive.  Hope you had your escape yet, we all need it.


Tomato and Basil Pizza

*Having issues uploading Sound Cloud from here, so just click on the link below, sit back and relax.  I’m sure you’ll smile soon enough.  Cheerio ~

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“Little Talks” about Pork

Some say it’s bad for you. Some say it’s dirty. Other says, it’s the new white meat. I say, eat pork and be happy.

Hey! Don’t listen to a word I say.

Hey! The screams all sound the same.

Though the truth may vary,

This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.
Pork Belly and Tofu

And enjoy your dinner with this song from Of Monsters and Men, and the video. Hey!

WeWereMonkeys : Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks from WeWereMonkeys on Vimeo.