Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning


Good morning, Baby Hummy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Roof Garden

A neighbor’s living wall and roof garden is my submission to this weeks challenge. Saturated, colorful and alive. Hope you get inspired as I am with going “green”.


Garden Series: The Girl and the Peony

CJ and Ren, both Master Gardeners from East Grand Rapids, MI, welcomed me warmly to their wonderful home and gave me a private tour of their amazing garden, along with “Holly”, their gorgeous Golden Retriever. For the next few days I will be posting a Garden Series in their honor.


I asked CJ what her favorite flower or plant was in their garden, and she answered, “Peonies“. This picture will always remind me of them, as I look forward to a beautiful start of a budding friendship. Cheers!

Garden Sculpture