The Block: 102 Degrees of DTLA

102 degrees and still, Downtown LA seduces me like melting butter on a steaming corn on a cob, to step out of the airconditioned office. For this heat-inspired challenge, I am rewarded with visions of public art and murals; history at the LA Times; Portobello fries and Burrata Pizza at Bottega Louie; discounts at the shops of LA Mart; and an ice cold drink at the Grand Central Market.


The Block: DTLA – Downtown Lost Architecture

Lunch at 93 degrees does not stop me from taking a walk around the block of Downtown LA, with its great mix of old and new, modern and gothic, there will always be something interesting. Just shoot, and get lost in the midst of DTLA’s architectural revolution.

Postcard Series: My Heart Belongs to Palm Springs

The Public Art in Palm Springs map lists 60, mostly large scale sculptures, scattered all over the city. There are more contemporary pieces not listed that I was able to photograph, and are worth checking out as well.

Unfortunately, I missed J.Seward Johnson‘s “Forever Marilyn”, who frequented Palm Springs during her short life. So instead, here’s a musical scene from the movie “Let’s Make Love”, starring Marilyn Monroe singing “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”.

My Heart Belongs To Daddy – Marilyn Monroe from Things from my things on Vimeo.

Not So Impossible

“Like Alice, I like to believe 3 impossible things before breakfast.” Dr. Who

Well, I have six in two days.  Hamburger Ice Cream @ Scoops. Green Tea KitKat. Chlorella Granules.Shrimp with Sauce in a Tube. Chocolate Beer. And a Uniwolf with leopard fur along Abbott Kinney Blvd.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love has been used, reused and abused for the sake of art. It can be subtle, obvious or on your face. This “love” might be more expensive than a divorce settlement, can break a county museum’s budget or be at the subway station one morning and stolen that night. There are beautiful ways of showing love through art and I am sure each one of us have a favorite one hanging at a museum or your living room. There may be pieces less than $20 puchased under the Eiffel tower or priceless like Robert Indiana’s sculpture in NY.

Love for art is another story. But for this weeks challenge, Love is nothing but a word, a symbol, a theme, an interpretation or an act, for the purpose of producing art and making money. And for this I chose Damien Hirst’s piece showed at the recent LA Art Show. This one I believe is from his earlier show, In and Out of Love (Butterfly Paintings and Ashtrays). Damien Hirst, has recently been in the news for “killing” more than 9,000 butterflies for the sake of art.


Sweet LA Week

Though the weather has been cold and wet, what a sweet week it is to be in LA. We had two great shows, Photo LA held in Santa Monica, CA and the LA Art Show in Downtown LA. The sweetness didn’t just stop with the great pieces of artworks but with all the desserts we have been served all throughout the week. Please indulge your senses and tastebuds and I hope you enjoy the show.

The highlight is a special presentation of Bill Eppridge’s photographs and the Emererging Focus Expo.
Magnolia copy
The floor at the LA Art Show was split into contemporary art and classic fine art, and I spent most of my time going through the 19th century woodblock prints and the enchanting art of Emile Kazaz.