Postcard Series: I Remember Montreal

I remember Montreal like it was just yesterday. The sounds of the birds chirping at the Jardin Botanique, the cars driving around in circles, the blueish hue in the late afternoon and the numerous festivals and events. The wonderful treat called Poutine made of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. The streets, the art in them, the empty wine bottle next to it but most of all, the people I meet along the way.

I will be back next year, and will remember it again like it was just yesterday.


Postcard Series: Je t’aime Montreal

If I speak French, I will live a third of the year in Montreal. Alive and peaceful, day or night, rain or shine; this city is filled with culture and arts, modern and old, sports and fashion. I don’t care if all the signs aren’t in English or the city seems to be always in construction, because everything else is “tres bien”.

Staying overnight, go the Biosphere for $12 to get a 360 degree view of Montreal, walk around Old Montreal, and check out the Basilica at night for a $9 lightshow for some history. Enjoy the rest of the night dining in many of the excellent restaurants around. My choice this month, Holder for goat cheese tart, mussels and of course, wine. Sante!

Got a late flight the next day? Rent a Bixi for the real Montreal experience. $7/24 hour access.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


Am I inside looking at the tower beyond? Or is it me wishing I was outside? My post for this week’s challenge taken from “inside” Montreal’s Environment Museum, the Biosphere. Entrance: $12.00/adult and on a good day, go all the way to the top for a great view of Montreal and it’s beautiful surrounding.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV


Using my iPhone for this weeks challenge. Inside the Basilique Notre Dame in Montreal, I took this shot of one of the wooden statue, guarding the pulpit and using his POV of the altar behind him.

The Block: 102 Degrees of DTLA

102 degrees and still, Downtown LA seduces me like melting butter on a steaming corn on a cob, to step out of the airconditioned office. For this heat-inspired challenge, I am rewarded with visions of public art and murals; history at the LA Times; Portobello fries and Burrata Pizza at Bottega Louie; discounts at the shops of LA Mart; and an ice cold drink at the Grand Central Market.

The Block: DTLA – Downtown Lost Architecture

Lunch at 93 degrees does not stop me from taking a walk around the block of Downtown LA, with its great mix of old and new, modern and gothic, there will always be something interesting. Just shoot, and get lost in the midst of DTLA’s architectural revolution.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Sea

Thank you for making “the sea” this weeks challenge. I live so close that I take it for granted. Thinking more about the traffic, parking, the public crowd and the trash; instead of the calm, the sound and the simple joy the sea brings. But this weekend, I forced us to go for the assignment, and as soon as I sat in the sand, not caring about much else, I remembered how I love it so.

And the pictures I took, especially this shot, will remind me what I’ll miss next time I worry to much about going to the sea.