The Block: Soho – Breakfast Surprise

Packaging can make or break almost anything. Be it a product, a store, a city, a surprise, even a weekend getaway. This weekend is about Soho, where everything seems to be packaged well. This mornings surprise, the cronut ($5) from Dominique Ansel Bakery and Pistachio and Choolate Yoghurt ($4) from Chobani Soho. A great start to a funfilled weekend!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


When we can’t decide where or what to eat, I opt for small plates, either tapas, sushi or dimsum. For this week’s challenge, I too could not choose what to focus on until I saw the steam coming from our delicious meal @ Red Egg NYC. Yum!

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Postcard Series: Not Just Maple

Vancouver City is so diverse, the number of excellent restaurants vying for at least 4 stars at Yelp or Urbanspoon, helps us when it comes to choosing a place to eat.

If you only have a day or two, try to go to Phnom Penh , Meat and Bread, Peaceful Restaurant and Lucky’s Doughnuts. All of these excellent places are reasonably priced and are worth the visit.

Happy eating!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

One of my favorite forms of escape.  Homemade pizza in Tuscany (or any peaceful backyard) with freshly picked tomatoes and basil, while listening to the first best summer tune of the year, Empire of The Sun: Alive.  Hope you had your escape yet, we all need it.


Tomato and Basil Pizza

*Having issues uploading Sound Cloud from here, so just click on the link below, sit back and relax.  I’m sure you’ll smile soon enough.  Cheerio ~

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Chicken Monday

Here chicken, chicken, chicken… When you call, they will come, and today was no exception. I started my day with chicken karaage bowl with sugar and vinegar sauce. Midday, our inhouse chef made some popcorn chicken with spicy ranch dip, in honor of National Ranch Dressing day. Dinner was at Versailles, and I ended up getting their famous garlic chicken with plantains. Of course, I come home and my friend dropped of Chicken in Ginger broth. I love chicken!

karaagepopcorn chixGarlic ChickenGinger Chicken


maxilla 2012 Showreel from maxilla inc. on Vimeo.

Goulash, Schnitzel and George

Lava, Strawberry, PB fudge and Cherry

Lava, Strawberry, PB fudge and Cherry

Pork cutlet

Pork cutlet

Hungarian style

Hungarian style

For some unknown reason, dinner tonight reminded me of the Three Stooges. Hungarian Goulash with spaetzle noodles, Weinerschnitzel with braised red cabbage and for dessert, cupcakes from newly opened Georgetown Cupcakes. The goulash was rich and excellent with paprika; the cutlet tender and huge; and the cupcakes, sweet at $2.75 each. They felt odd while I prepared the dinner table, but at the end they complemented each other well.