Postcard Series: Way Out

Having seen Vancouver for the first time, I now include it in my top five favorite cities in the world. The interesting sights, the friendly people, the spectacular views, the ease of transport, the excellent and diverse food choices, the walkable/”bikable” city, in general. Please do note that Vancouver can be expensive, so compare and walk around for less pricey options. There are many to choose from.

For my next visit here, I plan to check out Victoria B.C. and Capilano Suspension Bridge .
Until then, Thanks Vancouver, I had a great time, and I hope my viewers did too. Cheers!

Before closing this series, here is a promise I made to this guy. Hey there, I lost your tumblr account but you have mine on your notepad, so send it to me and I’ll link your account here.

Secret City Ninja


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