Not So Impossible

“Like Alice, I like to believe 3 impossible things before breakfast.” Dr. Who

Well, I have six in two days.  Hamburger Ice Cream @ Scoops. Green Tea KitKat. Chlorella Granules.Shrimp with Sauce in a Tube. Chocolate Beer. And a Uniwolf with leopard fur along Abbott Kinney Blvd.


6 thoughts on “Not So Impossible

      • That’s a hard flavour to pull off to pull off in ice cream form I imagine. Do they have any other savoury ice creams at that joint, and what’s the name of the place?

      • It’s Scoops Ice Cream in Los Angeles (linked on my post). They have other flavors like brown brown bread, pancake maple bacon, guiness coffee, basil goat cheese and roasted rice. As well as other one-offs like nicotine. Let me know if you make it to LA and I’ll take you there 🙂

  1. Yes that is NUTS! Hamburger Ice Cream… and your Shrimp with Sauce in a Tube. what was that like? .. WHY ? please tell me all these taste better then they sound

    • The sauce in the tube was to make eating it less messy. It was ok. Green tea kitkat is yummy. The beer so-so. And I can’t take more than a tasteful of the ice cream.

      Have you tried Trois Mec yet?

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