Food Show 2013

It took me a full day to walk this annual show held at Anaheim Convention last weekend. There were a lot of new, interesting and cool stuff, but taste, look and affordability are my requirements for picking my top choices this year. It was a really good show this year and I can’t wait for next year.
Interestingly, Petchup and Muttstard, stole the top stop for me. The runner-ups, in no particular order are as follows:
Icing and Mallows
Frosting Queens (packed icing) and Dandies (air-puffed mallows)
Yogurt and Cereal
ProYo (protein yogurt bars) and Holy Crap (breakfast cereal)
Straws and Pops
My favorite until I saw a similar one at the grocery tonight was Tubulars (bead flavored filled straws) and Half Pops (half popped corn)


4 thoughts on “Food Show 2013

    • There were a few “protein” infused food items but this one caught my attention as you can eat it with one hand while going around the floorshow 🙂

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