Noodle Overload

Is there such a thing?
Black Tonkotsu RamenFor lunch, I had the black tonkotsu ramen at Robata Jinya. It was a bit salty and too flavorful, the ramen got lost but at $10.50 it was a steal in trendy West Hollywood.
Pansit Palabok
Then, we dropped by a friends place and got served fresh homemade “Pansit Palabok”, a Filipino version of Shrimp Carbonara complete with ground fish flakes and pork rinds.
Prawns and Noodles
Finally, off to Beverly Hills for dinner at Crustacean for their Charbroiled Colossal Tiger Prawns with Chef An’s famous Garlic Noodles. A few years ago, $45.00 for this dish was normal, but with the numerous quality inexpensive dives sprouting in LA, I would only do so when charging it to “entertainment” expense.
Maybe too much noodles, so we walked at nearby Teuscher for their champagne truffles, pralines and assorted chocolate bars. Now is there such a thing as chocolate overload?


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