One Night in Bangkok

Last night before I felt an angel slidin next to me, I glanced at the lotus flower ready to bloom. This morning as I walked by, it warned me of the devil walking next to me.
It started with morning glory and catfish with basil, and it could make a hard man humble.
glory and catfish
With spicy clams, the tough guys tumble.
And finally, the tea girls, bring them warm and sweet.
Thai sweets
Or was I just hearing that 80’s song playing somewhere…One Night in Bangkok. Murray Head might have only spent a night in this city and wrote a song about it, but truthfully, Bankok is simply an amazing city.

Light Emitting Dudes – LED Freerunning from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok

  1. Loved this song when it was a hit! I saw “Chess” in London some years ago, and remember this song in the play…but did not know it was written for the play. I figured the “Chess” producers co-opted it for the musical.

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