Delayed Post: Welcome Year of the Snake

After much prodding from my friends, I am posting last week’s Lunar New Year celebration welcoming the Year of the Snake. We all came around 5:00PM at the Newport Seafood restaurant and got our number, 52, and waited for exactly 2:45! There were so many people, and after having done the same a few years back, we waited. Why do we, along with the hundreds of people, come back? It’s the quality of the food, the inexpensive seafood including snow crabs and lobsters, and the experience of being here during “Chinese” New Year. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, it was almost three hours of hunger and standing in the cold that made me do it. May the intelligent, calm and shy black water snake will bring all of us who were patient without causing trouble this year!

Lunar NY Crowd

Beef and Tofu


Shrimp and Veggies

All of these, plus Tsingtao Beer and Boba, $40/person for a table of lucky 8.


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