A Birthday Lauriat

The cupcake worked! With my mini-cold gone, I was able to attend my friend’s birthday lauriat at Elite Restaurant. Only a few Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles can be considered authentic, this one in Monterey Park is definitely the place to go when you miss the real deal. There are a few definitions of a “lauriat”, which derives from Fookien (Minnan) dialect, Lao-Diat or Re-Nao in Mandarin, and it simply means a celebratory feast. Usually from 8 dishes and up, and lasts at least 3 hours. The trick is don’t ask for soda, easy on the rice and savor the food a few bites per dish, if you can. The food was excellent, I had to stop everyone at our table each time our server brought the next dish so I could take a picture.
What a way to start it off! The servers came out one at a time with a whole suckling pig, per table.
Veggie Roll
Then to make us less guilty, mushrooms and bamboo wraps, a top three favorite.
Shirmp and Tofu2
Butterfly shrimp, squid and asparagus roll. Jade tofu with abalone.
Scallops and Fish2
Deep fried whole scallop with sauce. Scallop and egg fried rice. Steamed fish.
Shark and Sauces
Shark’s fin soup, a lot of which were left untouched. Make sure to ask for the special XO sauce as they don’t offer it unless requested.
Lobster and Noodles
Lobster and Lobster baskets. Long-life birthday noodles.
Golden Buns2
My favorite served last: golden buns!
Both wine deserving 5 cheers!
Now even I had to wonder how I managed to have room for dessert.


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