When You are Down, Have a Cupcake

Friday afternoons are the worst time for one to start sniffling and sneezing non-stop. Half of my coworkers are sick and the latest news about the flu is starting to concern a us. So last night was a good kimchi ramen night to get my sinuses in order.

After a much needed good night sleep and a home-style breakfast of corned beef hash, eggs, biscuits and gravy, I still felt drowsy and down. country breakfast

So, I headed a few streets north to Susie Cakes, and my day went happily ever after. Chocolate Cupcake ($3.00)
Susie Cakes

For an added boost, watch this video while having your cupcake. Enjoy the rest of your day!


6 thoughts on “When You are Down, Have a Cupcake

  1. From the soup to the corned beef hash to the sweet cupcakes, everything looks and sounds delicious. There is a cupcake place in Houston called Crave that me and my wife visit when we are craving for one. A bit expensive but worth every bite.

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