The Pain of Rejection

Rejection in any form is painful. 

First, I submitted 2 prints to SMC Annual Student Photoshow and both were returned.  I will attach both of these prints as soon as I get them scanned, but both are color slides processed as negative film, and printed on Kodak metallic paper. 

Second, one of the photography online sites I recently joined, rejected two other prints.  These are scanned slides that came out blue due to cross processing.  Also both were underdeveloped to produce saturated colors.


Third, I have signed a space for a photo shoot today.  Equipment, checked.  Makeup artist, confirmed.  Lighting partner, available.  But no model.  I have scouted through friends, MM and CL, with no response.  And I am in Los Angeles.  Ok, this might not be rejection but I just had to add it here. 

My current instructor told us that we will be facing more rejection than success.  Arrghhh!!!


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